Bianca Octavia


Meet Bianca 


Who's that girl?


I am Bianca, a girl from Decatur, GA with a big imagination and an even bigger obsession with making things beautiful. I am a mother of two to a squeak toy obsessed baby boy yorkie and a beta fish named Paris. Over the course of time I have dabbled in multiple areas of the arts, but nothing compares to my love for the art of home lifestyle, entertaining, and DIY.

Growing up, I spent countless hours watching the women in my family cook, craft, sew, build, entertain, and decorate. Eventually I developed an interest for those same hobbies and found myself working on different creative projects almost everyday out of the week. After gaining attention for my ability to be resourceful, yet stylish, I began taking on clients for home décor, private crafting courses, and party styling.

In June 2017, I combined all my interests to create Bianca Octavia LLC, a lifestyle brand & services company that celebrates crafting, DIY, entertaining, and creative thinking! My mission is to not only share my creative ideas, but to also empower and inspire others to execute their own. 

When I’m not working on personal projects, I spend my time teaching crafting classes, designing events and scrolling through Pinterest for hours (no really lol). To learn how we can work together in a number of ways, please visit my services page. If you would like to connect online I can be found on all social media platforms @imbiancaoctavia.


My Inspiration

My three biggest inspirations have been my Mother, Grandmother and Martha Stewart. My mom taught me that I could literally build the life I dream of on my own. Growing up, she was always looking for ways to improve our home & Instead of hiring someone else, she would do it herself with the help of myself and my brother.

My grandmother was the cutest thing ever! She was a crafter, sewer, painter, decorator, cook and more. Each drawer in her house was perfectly organized and there was never a sheet or towel that wasn't perfectly turned or hung. She taught me it's the little things that make the smallest of homes feel like a vacation resort.

Martha Stewart is my fairy god mother and her global brand is definitely #careergoals. She embodies everything that I want to be when I grow up and has inspired me in many ways. The biggest lesson I've learned from Muva Martha is that you can turn your hobbies and interests into a full-time profession with the proper strategy and consistency.