Life with Lynn Lilly


Sooo one of my mini dreams came true! Not only did I get to meet DIY Expert Lynn Lillly, but I also got to do a live segment with her! (somebody pinch me)

When I first began to take my entrepreneurial journey seriously, I would sit for hours researching other crafty people that were just like me. Whenever I would land on a DIY/crafting lifestyle blog other than Martha Stewart’s (she’s the GOAT btw) it was like finding a pot of gold. For monthhhsss I drove myself crazy trying to figure out exactly who and what I was career wise. I knew I was great at crafting & DIY, but what do you call a professional crafter? And how tf does a professional crafter actually make money?

After almost a year of trying to figure my sh*t out, I finally stumbled across Lynn’s website. It was like my creative block had been busted wide open and everything finally made sense. This woman was exactly what I wanted to be and here I was thinking I was crazy for wanting to have fun while simultaneously generating a stream of income.

Why do we look so perfect? I’m so happy my hair decided to act right.

Why do we look so perfect? I’m so happy my hair decided to act right.

Fast forward 2 years after finding out about Lynn, I bought tickets to The Pinners Conference just so I could sit in on one of her workshops. Unfortunately I was not able to meet her then, but just being able to see her live made me happy enough. If you are a crafty person and you haven’t been to a Pinners Conference you should definitely go. Their next stop is Dallas, TX in September and you can buy tickets here……’re welcome in advance. :)

Fast forward two months after the conference, I got a Facebook notification that said “craft box girls by Lynn Lilly left a comment on your post”. Yall…..I literally could have thrown my entire phone across the room lol. To go from low key stalking this lady to actually receiving a message from her totally blew my mind. Lynn asked if I would come on her show to do a DIY demo for donut stands; of course I said yes and from there the rest is history!

Lynn’s studio is soooo cute and the segment went great! If you haven’t had a chance to see it, press play on the video below.

My mom says all the time “everything you need already needs you” and now I get it. Who would have ever though the one thing I was seeking would actually come to find little ole me one day.

Did I mention that Five Daughters Bakery sponsored my segment with their 100 layer donuts? I recently found out about Five Daughters within the last year and I have been addicted ever since! Their King Kong bacon donut is the best thing since Handmaids Tales & if you know me you know I am obsessed with that show. If you haven’t tried their donuts yet, stop by one of their Atlanta locations at Ponce City Market or the one in the Westside Provisions District.

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And then my friends were there to support as always. I was so nervous when I found out the show was being filmed live, but seeing their faces over in the corner made it feel like it was just the three of us at home gossiping about The Shaderoom lol.

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