10 Ways To Get Your Home Hot Girl Summer Ready


If you are anything like me, you are actively participating in Hot Girl Summer and plan to go on every single date being offered. With that being saiiiiidddd, it is imperative that our houses and apartments are in tact and ready just in case someone is lucky enough to be invited over afterwards.

After Facetiming my best friend and going over a few of our past experiences, we have compiled a list of things that we believe must be done before letting a guy come over. And before we begin, here is the official definition of “Hot Girl” as stated by Meg Thee Stallion herself. Be unapologetically you this summer and have as much fun as you want (just make sure your house is clean while doing so). And If you are married or in a relationship you can STILL participate, Hot Girl Summer is for everybody.

There are 61 days left in summer 2019, live it up and let’s make Meg proud. :) #hotgirlsummer

1. Clean out your microwave

Sis….there is nothing worse than a nasty microwave. I instantly want to leave someones home when I open one up and see spaghetti splatters everywhere. Don’t get caught slipping when he goes to heat up the popcorn for Netflix & chill.

2. Put the dishes away

I am 100% guilty of leaving dirty dishes in the sink for days at a time. However, it is unacceptable to have your taco Tuesday plates still there on Friday when you invite someone over. I know it’s annoying, but clean them beforehand or at least set them in the dishwasher.

3. Scrub down the bathroom until it sparkles. Period.

This is nonnegotiable. How your bathroom looks will tell a guy a lot about your personal hygiene. Bleach the tub, scrub the sink, wipe off the mirror and for God’s sake clean the toilet and around the toilet bolts. If you don’t know what toilet bolts are reference the picture below.


4. Make your bed

You never know how the night may go. Make sure your bed is made so he’ll be impressed the moment he walks into your room. You may also want to invest in a sheet set with a decent thread count. Anything less than 200 will feel like you’re sleeping on composition paper and will probably have you guys sliding all over the place.

(Outside of having a guy over it really is important to invest in your own sleep. I spent about $150 on bedding at the beginning of the year and my sleep quality has tremendously improved. Get some Egyptian cotton sheets, bamboo pillows, and a good memory foam mattress topper and I promise you’ll feel like a princess in the mornings.)

5. Buy some bomb candles

This goes without saying, but make sure your home smells good. Buy a couple of scented candles, wax melts, or fragrance plug-in’s. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s lit at least 15-30 minutes before he arrives. I keep an Airwick oil warmer right by the main entrance so the smell immediately hits people when they walk in (I get compliments every time).

p.s. I also have to throw in that I will be teaching private candle making lessons now through August 31st. If you’d like to make your own scented candle, click here to sign up for a session. It’ll make for good conversation when he asks what smells so good and you say ‘ well actually it’s a candle that I made myself.”


6. Subscribe to a streaming service

If you are anything like me, you have never paid for cable a day in your life (I literally refuse to). To prevent the two of you from sitting in an awkwardly quiet room after you’ve ran out of things to say, make sure you have Netflix or Hulu up and running. Steal a friends log-in info or sign up for free trial if you need to.

7. Stage the room

Ok so follow me….

This may sound a little contradictory, but don’t clean up too much. You don’t want him to walk in and say “oh, she must have cleaned up because I was coming over”. You want your home to seem as if it was already clean before you even knew he was coming. Have a blanket on the sofa, a jacket slung over the chair, and set out a laptop with a few open books. Make the setting feel as natural as possible so your home still feels lived in.

8. Have lite snacks on hand

The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, but this is Hot Girl Summer so we aren’t whipping up full meals. Keep lite snacks around that you can offer in the case he does get a little hungry. I recently bought a tiered stand that I keep filled with granola bars, fruit snacks, popcorn, etc. My guests can grab stuff without having to ask and it makes it look like I have my sh*t together.

**Additionally: don’t buy groceries for him per say, but at least make sure your refrigerator looks like something. Women are considered nurturers and that title automatically includes “food” under it’s umbrella. Buy a few apples and oranges and a 40 pack of water bottles. Water bottles always make a refrigerator look full.

9. Put away the unmentionables

Y’all…..I invited a guy over one day and forgot to put away a framed picture of myself & my ex riding a double seater bike on the beach during sunset lol. My heart was BEATING, okay? Luckily I was able to hide it before he saw it (or maybe he just never said anything about it, who knows). Anyways, don’t be like me friends. Make sure you tuck away anything you wouldn’t want him to see including dirty clothes and feminine products. You don’t wanna end up in the group chat sis.

10. Clean out your car

Technically your car is not apart of the house, but it might as well be. You never know if you guys may need to make a quick run for drinks. Make sure your car is just a clean as your bathroom. One of the most embarrassing things is having to give that “sorry, my car is a mess and smells” apology. Keep it clean throughout Hot Girl Summer and keep a California Car Scents can under the seat.

Have another Hot Girl Summer tip? Leave yours in the comments below!