My DIY Bathroom Remodel


Just a heads up: This is not a step-by-step/how to. Saving that for my upcoming Tiling Workshop. :)



I absolutely love my new home, but I knew when I bought it that the outdated 1950’s bathroom had to go at some point. Any by some point, I meant immediately.

The first step I took towards accomplishing this goal was giving the bathtub and tile walls a fresh coat of paint using a Rust-Oleum Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit from Home Depot. After that I replaced the old lighting fixture and installed a beautiful new one. S/o to my dad for teaching me how to wire electricity!

A week or two later I got lucky by finding a $400 cabinet on sale for $175 at a local liquidation home store (I freaking love that store btw). Once that was checked that off the list I moved on to looking for flooring options.

For weeks I’d been looking for cheap tile, but had no luck so I gave up searching for a while. Over the holiday weekend my mom called to tell me about a tile sale that was going on at the Lowe’s near her. Needless to say I gathered my phone, keys, and wallet and moseyed my way over to her side of town.

Once again I got lucky af and found tile sheets on sale for $2.57! Nothing too fancy, but it was good enough for me as long as it would cover up the old nasty tile that was currently there.

By 7:00PM that night I was measuring and laying tile and the next morning I was already moving in the new vanity that I’d previously bought. If you’re wondering did I ever go to sleep, the answer is no lol.




I’m still in the process of looking for the perfect faucet and other décor, but I can finally say my bathroom no longer look like a janitors closet! This was a complete DIY project so in now way is my bathroom “contractor” perfect, but it is definitely 1,000x’s better. Eventually I plan to have a total bathroom renovation once I save up enough money, but I think I’m pretty satisfied for now. :)

If you’re thinking of doing your own DIY bathroom remodel, here’s a list of things I used that may help you out.