Photo Coasters


This year for Father’s Day I tried not to overthink about what I should get my Dad. He already has everything known to man so I decided to go the simple and sentimental route with a set of DIY photo coasters. I was able to find all the materials I needed at Dollar Tree and the project cost less than $7 to complete! Even though I made these as a Fathers Day gift, I think they would be super cute just to have around the house with different family photos. Sometime before my housewarming, I think I’ll make another set with before & after pictures of my homes renovation to spark conversation between my guests.

As always, if you try this project let me know how it turns out in the comments below or use #DIYher so I can find your post on social media. You can also post your finished results in my DIY Facebook group DIYer’s by Bianca Octavia. :)


Things you’ll need:

  • Cheap coasters

  • Modge Podge

  • Modge Podge acrylic spray (optional)

  • Sponge paint brush

  • 4x6 photos

  • Scissors

1. Use scissors to cut each 4x6 picture to the exact same size and shape as the coasters you’ve chosen.

2. Use the sponge paint brush to heavily paint the back of each picture with Modge Podge.

3. Place each painted picture onto a coaster and hold it down for ten seconds or until the picture is securely attached.


4. Use the sponge paint brush again to apply a heavy coat of Modge Podge to the front of the picture. Use an old gift card or credit card to smooth out any big clumps of glue. Once the picture has been fully covered, allow the Modge Podge to dry for an hour or until the coating is completely clear.


5. This step is optional, but for more protection you can add a thin layer of Modge Podge acrylic spray. I decided not to use the spray that I bought since my photos were pretty covered & sealed by the Modge Podge coating alone.

6. The last step is to add beer (or wine) and you’re done! Super cute and easy right? Make sure your coasters last long by avoiding the dishwasher and opt to hand wash them instead.