Rose Gift Box


I recently came across a company on Instagram that delivers beautiful, personalized boxes of roses. Sooooo cute, but sooooo expensive! The lowest priced box on their site was $89 and only included 4 roses…like what?? Instead of spending $100-$400, I went to Michaels, Dollar Tree and Kroger and spent $25 to get everything I needed to create my own rose box. Since I couldn’t customize the box by printing my name on it, I got customized ribbon instead from Zazzle (work smart, not hard). My box turned out beautiful and I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be gifting my friends for their special occasions all year lol. (If you guys are reading this act surprised when I give it to you, thanks.)

Instead of buying your loved one a regular bouquet of flowers this Valentines Day, try making them a box of roses and let me know how yours turns out down in the comments section.

Things you’ll need:

Cut the foam

1. Cut the floral foam with a kitchen knife so that it fits the interior size of the box. In some cases you may need to cut the foam into multiple cubes for it to fit.


Insert the blocks

2. Once it’s cut, place the foam inside the box making sure there is as little wiggle room as possible.


Remove the leaves

3. Remove the leaves from each stem and set them aside for step #6.


Cut the stems

4. Measure the length of each stem to match the depth of your box and use the scissors to cut them. Standing the stems on the side of the box is a quick way to get an accurate measurement.


Line the roses

5. Line the roses by pushing them into the foam and create even rows until the box is completely full.


Fill the spaces

6. To fill in any leftover space, roll up the leaves from step #3 and gently push them down into all of the empty spots.


Tie it with a bow

7. Once the box is filled and the top is on, wrap it in silk ribbon and you’re done!

I bought pink custom ribbon from Zazzle to give my box a special touch and it’s soooo cute. If you’re thinking about making a box for your Valentine, I definitely suggest ordering your own custom ribbon as well.