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Candy Box Perfume Bottles

Chanels & Pearls, that’s the trick that it takes to keep the girls. 💅🏽

The quick craft from this weeks episode of Crafty Conversations is Valentine candy boxes turned into Galentine perfume bottles. I'll be giving these out to all my girls for Valentine's Day! 💕

For this project you’ll need:

- 2 candy boxes (1 big, 1 small)

- Vinyl paper or wrapping paper

- Gold link chain - Ribbon/bow - Rhinestone

- Bottle cap

- Hot glue

If you don’t have a cutting machine at home, you can use letter stickers from the dollar store to create the logo for your bottle. & for the chain, I took it off an old purse that I know I’d never use again, but you can definitely buy some in any craft store. ✂️

Send me your pictures if you make this at home!


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