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Cereal Box Desk Organizers

Grab a cereal box and Mod Podge to create these stylish desk organizers for a fun back to school project or for your personal office space!

Supplies & Materials: ✂️🎨

- 2 cereal boxes of the same size

- Scrapbook paper or card stock

- Ruler

- Scissors

- Pencil

Steps: 📝 💕

1. Use a ruler and pencil to mark two angled lines on the front and back of the cereal box. The lines should start at the top corner of the box and end 7 inches from the bottom. Once you've created your lines, cut along them.

2. Cut 4 pieces of scrapbook/card stock paper to the exact shape and size of all sides of your box.

3. Apply Mod Podge all over your box, then add on your cut pieces of paper. If you'd like to add/glue on labels for wording now is the perfect time to do so!

4. Add an extra touch of glam to your organizer with a Treasure Gold Champagne paint design. I used painters tape to create a stylish trim around the edges of my organizers.

5. Allow your box to dry for 30 minutes-1 hour and done!

(If you'd like to create a double organizer like the one in the video, all you have to do is use Mod Podge to hold 2 of the file organizers together. You can also leave one side of your box free of scrapbook/card stock paper since it won't be seen.)

Make sure to tag @iambiancaoctavia, @aleenesdiy & @plaidcrafts on social media if you try this at home!

Happy crafting ya'll! 💕✂️ 🎨


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