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DIY Feather Heels

The quick craft from Crafty Conversation episode #5 are DIY feather heels! I was doing some early spring cleaning and in the midst of me throwing out old shoes and clothes, I decided to hold onto these old strappy heels from target and upgrade them by sprinkling a little craft magic on em!

Supplies you'll need to make these at home: ✂️

- Those heels that you know you’ll never wear again but you refuse you to throw away

- Boa feather

- Hot glue


1. Cut the boa feather to the length of your shoe straps.

- Click here here to purchase the same boa feather that I used in the video.

2. Make sure the feather stops right before the holes you'll use to fasten your ankle straps.

3. Hot glue the cut boa feather on and hold it in place until it's dry.

- If you do not have hot glue, you can use E600 in it's place.

This project takes you from Madden Girl to material gworl in under five minutes, lol. 💅🏽

Tag me in your pictures if you try this out at home and follow me on Instagram for more quick and easy DIY's @iambiancaoctavia!


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