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DIY Perfect Woman

The quick craft from episode 2 of Crafty Conversations issss “The Perfect Woman”💅🏽 (according to my guest).

Materials/traits needed to create this project:

- Mrs. Potato Head

- Someone who loves your family

- Feminine

- Romantic

- Natural Beauty

- Nasty

- Great cook

- Emotional intelligence/good communicator

- Single with no kids

- Supportive/good listener

Quantities limited while supplies last. (Especially in Atlanta apparently 🤭)

I don’t think there is a such thing as a perfect person, but we are all perfect for somebody. 😊

……& If you’re confused about why you’re looking at a labeled Mrs. Potato head right now, lol….click the video below to watch Crafty Conversations E2 - "Ask A Man On A Date" to catch up! 💕🥔


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