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Fabric Covered Pumpkins

Hey pumpkin! Get into this quick and easy DIY fall home decor craft.

DIY Fabric Covered Pumpkins Supplies: 🎨✂️💕

- Styrofoam pumpkin

- Dowel stick or spoon

- Paint

- Fabric


1. Remove the stem from the pumpkin and paint it your choice of color.

2. Use a stick or spoon to create a deep hole at the top of the pumpkin where you removed the stem. 

3. Cut a round piece of fabric that is twice the size of your pumpkin.

4. Place the pumpkin in the middle of the fabric and begin to tuck the fabric into the hole you created. You can use a stick/spoon to tuck the fabric in if needed.

5. Once all of the fabric has been tucked in, use hot glue to attach the stem back on to the pumpkin.

Done! Happy Fall Y’all! 💕🎃

💕✂️ 🎨


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