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Falling In Love Crown Apple Cocktail

This is my absolute favorite drink to make during the fall season and it's delicious whether you serve it hot or cold! If you decide on hot, just drop all of the ingredients in the crockpot (minus the ice) and let it simmer util it's nice and warm and ready to serve.

Ingredients: 🎨✂️💕

- Crown Apple

- Apple Cider


- Apple slices

- Brown sugar & cinnamon for the rim

- Cinnamon stick

- Cinnamon dust


1. Rim the cup with a brown sugar and cinnamon mixture.

2. Fill the cup with crushed ice.

3. Pour apple cider over the crushed ice.

4. Pour in 2 shots of Crown Apple.

5. Garnish with apple slices, a cinnamon stick dusted cinnamon


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