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Paint Poured Coasters

The quick craft from episode 11 of Crafty Conversations Podcast were paint poured coasters. 🎨 💕

We thought we weren’t fans of the paint pouring trend, but not gonna lie…..these were really fun to make! 🤭

Supplies: ✂️🎨

- Ceramic coasters

- Pouring paint

- Dishwasher safe Mod Podge or resin

- Straw

- Cup

- Paintbrush


1. Pour paint colors into separate cups

2. Pour each color separately on top of the coaster

3. Blow through a straw to move around the colors and manipulate your design. This is called the bloom effect.

4. Let your coasters dry overnight, then add a layer of resin or dishwasher safe Mod Podge to seal them. (we used Mod Podge for ours…. our craft skill level doesn’t include resin just yet. One day, lol. 😩😂🤞🏽)

Make sure to tag us me @iambiancaoctavia and @craftyconversationspodcast on IG if you try this project at home!


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