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Spring Floral Arrangement

I have been wanting to try this idea forever and I finally got around to it! This a really quick and easy last minute centerpiece idea for your Easter Sunday dinner table.

Supplies: ✂️ ✏️

- Jelly beans (Mine are from Dollar Tree)

- (2) Vases, one large and one small/medium

- Flowers (I love my faux tulips, they look so real! You can check them out here:

Steps: 📝

1. Place the smaller vase inside of the larger vase and center it in the middle as much as possible.

2. Fill the the outer ring of the smaller vase with jelly beans until the large vase is completely filled.

3. Add water to the smaller vase if needed, then add in your flowers.

You can get creative with this arrangement and switch up the type of candy or even use marshmallow peeps! Whatever you do, tag me on social media @iambiancaoctavia and send me pictures of your craft if you make this at home! I love to see you guys try out these Ideas at home.


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