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Fabric Covered Cork Board

If I had to choose a word that described my passion for crafting & DIY it would be “Vision”. Before my hands ever even start the work, my favorite part of any project is day dreaming about it and envisioning it in my head first. To celebrate Mod Podge’s 55th anniversary, I created a fabric covered vision board to personify my creative key phrase. 💕🥰

To try this at home pick up these materials:

- Old cork board

- Fabric

- Push pins

- Clothespins


1. Cover the cork part of the board with Mod Podge.

2. Cut your fabric to the shape and size of your board then lay it on top of the Mod Podge.

3. Use pushpins on all four corners of the fabric for extra security.

4. Use Aleens tacky glue to attach the clothespins randomly across your board.

5. Allow your fabric and clothespins to dry for an hour and done. ✅

Make sure to tag @iambiancaoctavia, @aleenesdiy & @plaidcrafts on social media if you try this at home! 💕✂️ 🎨


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