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DIY Coffee Table Books

For the last three months I've been converting my garage into a DIY content and podcast studio and listen.......I am tired of spending money lol 🥴. I was about to buy these expensive coffee table books to decorate my bar with and was likkkke Bianca......STOP IT! 😩 For $0 I made my own coffee table books with novels that I had laying around the house and @plaidcrafts Apple Barrel Paints. The books are handmade so they aren’t super perfect, but I also didn’t have to spend $60+ and nobody will ever notice lol. 🤑 Anywayssss, my studio is almost done and I’m ready to start making some digital magic! Also, S/O to my press on nails for not falling off in this video.

Materials you'll need for this project:

2. Paint Brush or Sponge Brush

3. Vinyl paper,

4. Cutting Machine

5. Transfer Tape (you can also use regular letter stickers instead)

Before applying your vinyl lettering, allow the book to dry for 2 hours.


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